Bright Crystal Diamond

The Difference is in the Crystal...

Bright Crystal Diamonds are the brightest and most brilliant diamonds on the market today. Each year approximately 1-billion naturally polished diamonds are produced, equating out to about 150,000,000 carats of diamonds. ......This year, will you have a Bright Crystal Diamond? 




Diamonds are Rough!

Through the Bright Crystal Diamond selection process, they will eliminate 99.1% of the diamonds that are inspected. The rigorous hand selection process will result in selecting only 1 or 2 diamonds from 100's of diamonds with the same size, color and clarity. BCD is stringent on how they select their diamonds. 

The inherent quality of the original rough is what will distinguish a diamond once it has been cut. When hand selecting the rough before cutting or polishing, any diamond that contains haziness or large natural inclusions are removed from the selection process. You can trust that Bright Crystal Diamond will only select the brightest and cleanest diamonds to be cut for you. 

Who Wants a Cut?

With the increase in demand for the largest and brightest diamond, every mine is digging deeper and wider to increase their probablity of mining that perfect stone. With that being said, the most important step after mining that diamond is the cutting process. Bright Crystal Diamond is at the forefront of controling this aspect of their diamonds.

"Not for profit margin or Carat weight. We cut and polish to perfect the 4C's." - BCD

As most diamond cutters will cut a diamond to maximize their profits, at Bright Crystal Diamond, they are cut to create the most beautiful diamonds. If that means cutting the diamond to a smaller carat weight to eliminate a specific inclusion or to increase its sparkle and fire, it will be done.

Industry standard for cutting diamonds utilize 10x power loupe. At BCD, 30x -100x power loupe are used because of the high standards and expectations that come with being a world leader in the diamond industry. 

With the finest diamond rough selection at Bright Crystal Diamond, and the highest pedigree of diamond cutting, you can be confident in knowing that any diamond they cut in any color or clarity will out shine and perform any diamond in its class.


Scientifically Validated to be Brighter!

Bright Crystal Diamonds are all scientifically validated by a 3rd party company, Sarine. Sarine is the world leader in diamond technology. Not only do they provide sophisticated equpiment and software for diamond cutters, dealers and jewelry stores, but also now for the customer. 

Sarine technology will analyze over 85% of the world's diamonds mined this year. This analysis will include diamond imagine, grading, cut symmetry as well as the ability to validify gem lab grading reports. 

Every Bright Crystal Diamond is scientifically scanned and graded, taking into consideration any inclusions and other natural "birthmarks". This information is saved and loaded into a database with the 3D imaging of the actual diamond. 

***You can view this information in-store or Scan the QR code above and see how the program works.

Scientifically, Bright Crystal Diamond's are rated in the top 10% of the world's diamonds. 70% of the world's diamonds are rated Low to Standard in light performance, while 96% of Bright Crystal Diamonds are rated from High to Exceptional in light performance. Light performance is what we see from the naked eye, and is what gives the diamond its sparkle and fire.

Choosing a Bright Crystal Diamond will not only have you sparkling brighther than any other diamond out there, but you will also be confident in knowing you are getting a diamond that's better than the rest in the same color, cut and clarity.