The Earth Friendly Diamond...

Lab Grown Diamonds, Lab Created Diamonds, Eco Diamonds... What are all these jewelers talking about? Isn't there only one diamond?

In fact there are many types of diamonds however, there is only one natural diamond which we all have become accustomed to. The industry has given many names for these man made types of diamonds, but ultimately they're all the same. With the advancements in technology and our every changing world, the ability to create diamonds has become a major development over recent years. Don't confuse these diamonds with "simulants" or CZ's, these diamonds are actually identical when it comes to the chemical and physical properties. The only difference is that the traditional natural diamond was mined, and the lab diamond was created by man in a controlled laboratory setting.  

What does it take to mine a natural diamond?

As the consumer demand increases year after year for the biggest and most ideal diamond, mining is moving into deeper and more remote locations causing great environmental issues. Did you know that miners have to process over 1,750 tons of earth to extract about 1.0ct worth of diamond(s) rough. For the environmentally concious individual, an eco-diamond is a great choice.

How are Lab Grown Diamonds made?

Lab Grown Diamonds are most commonly produced by either HPHT - (High-pressure High-temperature) or the CVD - (Chemical Vapor Deposition) processes. The HPHT growing process will utilize immense pressure at high temperatures reaching over 1400 degrees. The high purity carbon will change state and become a rough lab grown diamond. This process also allows for the rough diamond to grow larger than the CVD process. For the CVD process, these diamonds are created from a combination of hydrogen-carbon gases. They are combined and electrically charged in a chamber, which in turn will build the diamond in multiple layers on a variety of substrates. This process is much more complex than the HPHT process, but it also yields better results. Inevitably, both forms of diamond will still need to be cut and polished.