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Sarine has the most sophisticated and most advanced diamond analyzing capabilities on the market to date. 85% of the world's diamonds have been analyzed by Sarine Technology. Their technology is world leading for diamond analysis and grading, allowing dealers, jewelers, and customers to feel confident when buying a diamond. Leading diamond manufacturers, wholesalers, all the major gem labs incorporate Sarine. This technology, through Bright Crystal Diamonds is available at the retail level for the consumer.

"The Light Perfomers" - Brilliance, Sparkle, Fire & Symmetry

As important as the 4Cs are, they cannot objectively describe a diamond's beauty to the human eye. A diamond's appearance and beauty is directly impacted by how the light interacts with the stone.

Light is the key element in understanding a diamond's visual beauty. Light will enter and exit a diamond moving, bending, and reflecting around the stone's facets. This is what gives the diamond its sparkle and fire. Sarine technology allows for you to understand these capabilities and your diamond's brilliance, while also being able to compare your diamond to others around the world.


Hearts & Arrows - For the Love of Diamonds....

"As a potential buyer immersed in research about diamonds, you’ve likely heard of hearts and arrows. But what is the hearts and arrows pattern, how important is it to the overall quality of the diamond, and what does it really mean in the grand scheme of the diamond world?

Initially discovered by Japanese jewelers in the 1970s, the hearts and arrows pattern was first noticed when viewed through a Firescope, a device that uses colored reflectors in order to display a pattern that shows the direction and strength of the light that passes through a diamond. When cut properly, a diamond should allow light to pass through and refract creating the shine and sparkle that is so coveted in the industry" - Sarine

When viewing a Round Brilliant Diamond from the top down (crown), there should be eight (8) symmetrical arrows. When viewed from the bottom upright (pavilion) there should also be eight (8) symmetrical hearts. The more ideal and precise the cut is, the more sparkle and fire that will emit from the diamond. At the same time, the hearts and arrows will be more pronounced and also more symmetrical.

While it has only been possible to view the hearts and arrows with special equipment up until now, Sarine has made this information readily available with a Sarine Report. This report will give you a better understanding of a diamond's symmetry and cut characteristics.


Gemprint - Identification, Safety & Security 

"Gemprint is the world's most sophisticated identification technology that records the unique optical 'fingerprint' of each diamond. Just like a human fingerprint, every diamond has a unique Gemprint." - Gemprint

The identification process is noninvasive and will have no impact on your diamond. To record the gemprint of a diamond, a low-powered laser is shined directly into the diamond allowing the laser light to refract and reflect on every facet and internal characteristic. This process will result in an "optical fingerprint" similar to what you see above.

Gemprint allows you to verify the identity of your diamond with certainty. Gemprint is recongnized by most insurance companies as a safegaurd, thus resulting in discounts when you insure it. Gemprint has become a court accepted form of evidence proving ownership and identification, protecting your investment in the event it is stolen and recovered.

Once your diamond's gemprint has been created, it is immediately uploaded into a worldwide database that is shared instantly among jewelers, law enforcement, and government offficials. The Gemprint technology is so accurate that many law enforcement agencies including the FBI, have used them to verify and assist in producing forensic evidence. 

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